Command Line Usage

Asciibook provides a asciibook program with several commands.


Performs a one off build your book to ./build (by default).

$ asciibook build mybook.adoc

To change Asciibook’s default build behavior have a look through the Configuration.


Create a config file asciibook.yml for exist AsciiDoc file.

$ asciibook init mybook.adoc

If current directory have config file, you can run build command this way:

$ asciibook build

It will read source file and configuration in asciibook.yml.


Create a new Asciibook scaffold.

$ asciibook new mybook


Show help for Asciibook.

$ asciibook help


The build configuration can be specified in a command or written to configuration file asciibook.yml.

Setting Command Line Config file

Build Source

Build source document.

build SOURCE

source: SOURCE


What format needs to be generated.

--formats html,pdf…​

formats: [html, pdf…​]

Destination Dir

Change the directory of the build output.

--dest-dir DIR

dest_dir: DIR

Theme Dir

The directory where the theme is stored.

--theme-dir DIR

theme_dir: DIR

Template Dir

The directory where the template is stored.

--template-dir DIR

template_dir: DIR

Page Level

What level of chapters are on a separate page.

0 means the entire document is one page, default is 1.

--page-level NUM

page_level: NUM