Asciibook uses docker as a distribution tool. Docker can package dependencies, keep workspace clean, and easy to integrate with CI/CD.

If you don’t have docker installed, go to download and install docker.

Docker Image

Use this command to pull Asciibook image:

$ docker pull asciibook/asciibook

By default, docker pull the latest image. You can also specify the mirror version by tag:

$ docker pull asciibook/asciibook:TAG

Visit for more infomation about available versions.

Container Environment

Use this command to enter container environment in your workspace directory:

~ $ cd workspace
workspace $ docker run -it -v $(pwd):/asciibook asciibook/asciibook bash

It will start bash shell in container enviroment, and the /asciibook directory in container will sync with workspace directory in host. Next we will execute the Asciibook command inside the container environment.

Check the current Asciibook version:

$ asciibook --version

If you see version information, then Asciibook is installed.